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Netdiver Vintage edition

(ISSN 1911-866X)

Netdiver Vintage edition features what was new in design worldwide from {1995-2010}.

Serves as a very unofficial web museum.

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Want to know why Netdiver Mag became vintage? What next for me? Read the interview I did with Anthony M. La Pusata.

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AIGA 2015

Provocative speakers, local culture, nightly networking receptions, competitions, exhibitions, professional development sessions and face-to-face roundtables with design heroes.

Upcoming: October 8-10 / 2015

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Netdiver is sweet

The Internaut

Searching wide and far to discover and feature talent! Free poster!


PIONEERING design ‘zine Netdiver is back, baby!

Founded by my friend and colleague Carole Guevin in 1998, Netdiver was one of the first web ‘zines to seriously explore and promote design and design culture on the web.

Jeffrey Zeldman

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Stunning talent who have made a lasting impression for creativity, design and inspiration!

Netdiver Mag

Carole Guevin is the eye candy curator / editor / geek / online a showcasing the world wide design digital culture.

No hype just beautiful

Netdiver Mag






ND Vintage ed?

Mission? Netdiver Vintage edition features what was new in design worldwide — sort of a very unofficial record of web history as captured by Carole Guevin from {1995-2010}. Over 2.3K+ projects listed.

As we revisit the 12 years worth of design archive, the x_pired directory will keep on expanding accordingly.

What is here now?

Explore interviews with web stars (such as Jeffrey Zeldman and Makiko Itoh), the BOTY, banner archive, our 10y Bash or download eye candy. Upcoming? Netdiver Vintage merch store :))


“Netdiver Magazine does a superb job of surfacing talent. You could lose many hours here.”

Jeffrey Zeldman


“Good to see that @netdivermag is still going strong (since '98)”

Todd Dominey


'Carole Guevin's long running Netdiver eschewed the superficial and trendy, instead offering links to the best and most enduring web designs and portfolios. Browsing the archive is like visiting the web's most prestigious gallery.'

— Anonymous fan

Editor / Founder

Carole Guevin is a communication designer, new media pioneer, theorist, philosopher, founding partner of FYE creative continnum, publisher of Netdiver Magazine and a meta networker.

After 15 years devoted to Netdiver Magazine, she will continue to feature daily digital culture projects while ramping up the launch of a fantabulous new project due sometimes in 2011.

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Photo by Lillian Xia


She hit the web in 1995 (prior having being on the Internet about 15+ years before while working with a UdeM scientific group) and since has become an internationally recognized driving force and unrelenting industry evangelist, activist and catalyst through her work as editor of Netdiver Magazine, championing rising talent worldwide, online and beyond.

She served on the Adobe Design Achievement Award, HOW interactive, AIGA, SXSW jury panels and many others. Guest lecturer at the Royal College of Art and Central Saint Martins (London, UK), OFFF Barcelona where she ran a creativity workshop, FITC, SXSWi, FOTB, Art Directors Club, she likes to share her take of the future of design, creativity, self-promotion.

Julius Wiedemann, editor in charge at Taschen GmbH, included Netdiver as part of his TED University session 100 Websites You Should Know and Use and Vitaly Friedman, chief editor of Smashing Magazine, named Netdiver as one of the 42 Design/Tech Magazines to Read.

Curious? Google for more bio info.

Co-founder / Creative code officer

Jean-François Simard aka JF is a multi-tasker whose creative code + styling + backend makes all projects run smoothly. Sharp, critical, opiniated and single-minded, he acts as the resident assistant art director when needed. He is a talented musician and passionate about the future of interactivity and making things happen.

As the geek-head around the studio - he has worked with clients such as Adobe, Ubisoft and others.


While currently working on contract as FED (Front End Developer), and working on composing, recording and producing three music albums in his new studio.