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Netdiver Vintage edition

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ND Vintage features what was new in design worldwide — sort of a very unofficial record of web history as captured from {1998 - onwards}.

Over 2.4K+ projects listed.

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Want to know why Netdiver Mag became vintage? What next for me? Read the interview I did with Anthony M. La Pusata.

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AIGA 2015

Provocative speakers, local culture, nightly networking receptions, competitions, exhibitions, professional development sessions and face-to-face roundtables with design heroes.

Upcoming: October 8-10 / 2015

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Netdiver is sweet

The Internaut

Searching wide and far to discover and feature talent! Free poster!


PIONEERING design ‘zine Netdiver is back, baby!

Founded by my friend and colleague Carole Guevin in 1998, Netdiver was one of the first web ‘zines to seriously explore and promote design and design culture on the web.

Jeffrey Zeldman


/ Best of the Year(s)

Stunning talent who have made a lasting impression for creativity, design and inspiration!

Netdiver Mag

Carole Guevin is the eye candy curator / editor / geek / online a showcasing the world wide design digital culture.

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Netdiver Mag






x_pired edition +

\ Swivelhead

\ berit sømme

\ IAshido

\ Jemma (Gura) Hostetler


\ FlavorInnovator

\ Antigirl

\ SUMOxl


\ themilkfarm

\ jiong

\ Zune Journey

\ Vivagraphics

\ Melissa Little

\ Sighttwo

\ Watercooler

\ Luke Best

\ _ Gallaher+Associates __

\ seventyonelab

\ Floetry

\ James Turner

\ Metaphorical


\ chaotic // broadband assault

\ Strato Cucine

\ Emiliano R. Ruiz de Gauna _v2

\ | skoota |

\ Aesthetic Apparatus

\ Cicciapalla Corp

\ Vectorized Me

\ Syrupnyc

\ ronnor

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